Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Still a birther

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

It is rather Monty Pythonesque to still be called a birther.  I am starting to understand how scientists feel when someone pulls out the denier routine. Its still snowing so how is the climate warming?

I thought I had made the facts as simple as possible in the report a crime bit I sent off to the AFP.  I deliberately wrote it at the Daily Telegraph readership level, one syllable maybe one and a half at a push.

This is what has happened.  Tony Abbott was born in England to a pommie dad, he got automatic pommie nationality.  When he was about 23 he got a Rhodes Scholarship and had to apply for Aussie citizenship to get the Rhodes dollars.

For two decades he had believed the family fairy story that he got Australian citizenship by descent from his Aussie mother.  It doesn't quite work like that.  Forms needed filled in and fees paid which is what he did in 1981.  Strange, when I was first looking into this the once public file of his Australian citizenship application which was available in the National Archives of Australia, it became secret while I was reading it.

Right until the file went secret he was proclaiming he was Aussie by descent.  He did apply for citizenship because his mum was born here and he got citizenship.  I think the fact his mum had to renounce her Aussie citizenship to get the ten pound pom boat trip, the assisted migrant passage clouded the application a bit.  Is she still a pom? I haven't found an application in the NAA to restore her Aussie citizenship so she probably is still a pom or the boat trip was an illegal boat trip.

And then we jump to March 1994 when he signed statutory declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission stating he complied with all their rules including S44 of our constitution which says though shalt have only one nationality.  Fine and dandy all goes well through the next 7 election phases until by a fluke Jan Olson gets an FOI application into the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.   My FOI application was refused before I even lodged it by Peta Credlin his infamous puppeteer.  I asked the Public Service Commission to check if she could actually do the work of a public servant and while that investigation was going on Jan put her FOI request in and it was processed by a real live public servant.  Her FOI request says that the documentation, the renunciation paperwork, does not exist. Three pretty simple English words, their meaning isn't really open to interpretation. There are two options to the FOI clerk, say the document is in the agency or minister possession and it can not be found, or it does not exist.

It doesn't exist. It is not there.  It is a none document. It isn't on this mortal plain.  Told you I would get Pythonesque. 

So there we have it.  Mr Abbott was born a pom, became a dual national in 1981 and hasn't bothered to get rid of his British citizenship.  Mr Abbott has Bachelor of Laws from University of Sydney.  From talking to people who have done similar degrees our constitution is discussed and taught pretty fully.  he knows the requirements and has no excuse for not getting rid of his British citizenship.  Even his inane family fairy stories of citizenship by descent don't hide the fact he is a dual national.  To get rid of British nationality you need to fill in a form called the Form RN and pay a fee to the Home Office in London.

Still a birther?  I call flat earth, I call climate denier, I call diving in the penalty box. You really have no idea about life and living.  Your closed mind is a hindrance to your intelligence.  The facts are there, factoids surround you and still you think birther?  Explain.  What the is there that is birther? Birther is a fantasy in the USA where President Obama was supposed to have been born in Kenya when he was in fact born in Hawaii.

I know where Abbot was born.  I know when he got Australian citizenship.  I know when he signed the 8 declarations for the AEC to get entry to parliament.  I have seen the FOI so I know his renunciation papers do not exist. 

Not a birther, Abbott is a criminal.


  1. MORE: "[Abbott's mother] probably is still a pom or the boat trip was an illegal boat trip."
    Would she therefore have been an illegal migrant? Now, I think Tony Abbott's government has had a few things to say about illegal migrants.
    Go for it!

  2. Well, sounds like a pretty good argument you have going here. Abbott lied, and continues to deny the fact. Where it goes is up for grabs. The reality today (Nov 29 2014) is that Abbott is acknowledged to be a liar and that these lies in the political sphere are having serious consequences for Australia. Make that link, and you might get some significant traction for your case.