Sunday, 23 November 2014

A think on demcoracy

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Democracy in Australia needs a rethink.
The problems or not problems evident in Tony Abbott’s missing form RN, the renunciation of his British citizenship, means the parliament must have an audit of citizenship.  If the Prime Minister can be doubted then why believe anyone else?
All politicians born overseas must provide proof they have renounced their foreign citizenships and anyone found not to have followed the rules and our constitution should be removed from parliament and banned from running for office ever again.  Then the cops should be brought in to prosecute for whatever crimes have been committed and all monies paid to that person be recovered and they lose all rights to superannuation.

After all that is done we must look at the actual system of democracy. In 2013 the senate threw up quite a few different senators and I like that. There is no way I agree with half of the new senators politics but that’s what the system is all about.  I would like to see peoples representatives put into the senate annually.  Just 20 a year and they serve for only one year.  Three from each state and one from each territory, all chosen by lot from the electoral roll.  The selection would happen on the last day of parliamentary sittings in the calendar year and they begin their job as a senator of and for the people on the first sitting day.

The would have all the rights and privileges of any other senator except the length of time they are required to serve.  This will give the senate a new look where it actually has people and not political parties as the centre of attention.  You might get rapists and robbers in the job but you will also get great thinking individuals who have never had the chance to shine.

Further thought should be given to proper proportional representation so that if a party gets 32% of the vote they get 32% of the seats.  This is awkward for individuals who are outside the party system and that’s where better knowledge than I have should be brought to play. 

In NSW the elephant murderer Robert Borsak has brought a bill into the NSW parliament allowing property owners and businesses two or more votes in the election of Sydney’s mayor.  To me that is disgraceful.

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