Saturday, 4 March 2017

No reply Turnbull & Caymans accounts

Members of parliament don't reply to voters on email, snail mail,.twitter or farcebook.

Members of the media don't listen to viewers or listeners or readers.

So what's a voter to do?  Whinge and moan and cry on social media/  social media is basically a whinge bucket for politicians, everyone can whinge and they don't seem to bother replying.

Two choices.

FOI - try the right to know people and ask your MP's department to let you know what you want to know.

Or lodge a petition in parliament.  It can be written in the old fashioned way and posted in or done online with the new fangled e-petitions thingy.  Doc Jensen was basically a dual national waste of space in parliament and was arseholed quite significantly by his own party come election time in 2016.  But he did bring in the e-petitions when he was chair of the House of Representatives Petitions Committee. You need one signature to make n effective petition to parliament and it must be limited to 250 words to stop rants and must be something the House of Representatives can do.

Most MPs don't reply to me so I do write petitions and FOIs.

Here is one about Malcolm Turnbull in a roundabout way.  It asks the House of Representatives to determine if an MP can legally purchase the rights of Cayman Island citizens and get zero taxation.

I have asked barristers and been told that purchasing the rights and privileges of a foreign national is in breach of S44 of the constitution.

The part of S44 that makes Caymans accounts illegal for MPs  says a person who is entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power is disqualified from parliament.

So time to sign and pass around petition number EN0130.  It can be signed here until about the 3rd of April.

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  1. The link to the petition for signing is closed. Commission people's view of 30 business days is not mine. I hadn't included weekends, they did. sorry

  2. The petition has been referred but because the system was designed by Doc Jensen there is no way of knowing who it was referred to until I get an email in the next week or so. It's normally a 90 day period for the petition to be answered so sometime between now and June will see the answer.

  3. The petition was referred to Senator Brandis.

    Hopeless me trying to contact him he destroys my emails. If you are curious or want to get him to answer it quickly please email him. goodonya