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petition about signing citizenship by descent forms

The boys being boys, how Abbott eats an onion and Warney showing him the way his mum taught him.  I doubt Warne's mum does it that way but as mum's are being blamed in this blog - why not.

A petition was sent to parliament asking clarification of Mr Abbott's Australian citizenship documents.  His mum filled them in.  It was presented to parliament 8 February 2016 marked "this petition was not referred".  It has been well and truly hidden from parliament,the people, the Minister for Immigration and even Mr Abbott.

You can see the  petition insitu with Senator Cormann's petition list in the Parliament House web pages.  1133-1639 is the petition number if you would rather google and see for yourself.

A favour to ask, would you please write to doc Jensen as chair of the petitions committee and ask when he became incompetent.  Doc Jensen is a very smart man, much respect for his intelligence but zero for his party politics.  The committee members have refused to send the petition to the Minister for Immigration Mr Dutton. Maybe you could ask your local MP to ask that the petition be referred to Mr Dutton?  The Petition Committee secretariat has no power to address this possibly criminal cover up.  It is a crime to cover up another person's crime under Section 44 of the Crimes Act.  The email address for the committee is and for Doc Jensen the Chair of the petitions committee is

The Petition Secretariat, the public servants, have been told not to forward emails about this petition to the committee, instead demanding people write to the Petition committee directly.  Sadly the public servants are in the middle and need to cover their arses so all blame lies with the liars. (noice sentence Tony LOL)

An FOI about this same problem was lodged about a month before this petition was put to parliament.  Four or five months later I got an email saying they are sorry for the delay, they are trying to find an FOI officer.  FOIs must be answered within 30 days, this one is 4 months late.

Here is the wording of the petition, can you see why it might go to the Special Minister for State? Or why it was marked not to be referred?  Is that incompetence or a planned cover up. You decide.

This is the blog with the National Archives of Australia file.

To the Honourable the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives.

This petition of a concerned citizen of Australia requests the House to determine if former Prime Minister Mr Abbott MP applied for Australian citizenship by descent properly and correctly with regards to all rules and laws governing the Immigration application procedures of the time.

Former Prime Minister Mr Abbott’s citizenship by descent application in the National Archives of Australia is signed by Fay Abbott, his mother.  Mrs Abbott got assisted passage, colloquially known as the ten pound pom boat trip in 1961 so there is a chance that she may have been British at the time of former Prime Minister Mr Abbott’s birth, her citizenship on returning to Australia is not clear, she may also have been a dual citizen.  Immigration rules of the time the citizenship by descent application was lodged say the mother may lodge an application for citizenship by descent for a child, but when that child reaches adulthood the child must fill in the form.  Former Prime Minister Mr Abbott was 23 at the time the form was filled in and did not sign anything in the National Archives file.

I beg the house to determine if the former Prime Minister Mr Abbott MP filled in his citizenship by descent forms correctly.

Principal petitioner:-
Tony Magrathea

In the written response from Doc Jensen he said this response would be for this petition.  It is a response used for the petition about S44, who monitors and controls it.  Doc Jensen is using this response for the four petitions I lodged, petitions about S44, about Abbott's renunciation of British citizenship, this about immigration forms and procedures and another asking for a full audit of renunciation of foreign citizenships because the one for Abbott has not been answered.

I guess Abbott refusing to respond to the petition about his renunciation papers is an admission of guilt.

Mr Duttons office said they would not comment on Mrs Abbott filling in the Immigration forms because it might implicate Mr Abbott in something illegal.  

Here is the catch all response to the Abbott petitions and S44 petitions.  

The response

 I know some in parliament are doing all they can to cover up Abbott's crimes, but this is ridiculous.  At least the trip to court next month will benefit from the cover-up and the refusal to answer could be implied as guilt and posterity will look back and determine if the members of the committee acted legally in covering up the criminality of Mr Abbott.

Those on the committee and those actively covering up Mr Abbott's fraud in signing false declarations for the AEC  should check out the Crimes Act S44.

Strange numbers coincidence

It's the 44th parliament
Mr Abbott is guilty of breaching S44 of the constitution
Those who cover up his crimes are risking S44 of the crimes act
And of course 44 voted for him in the spill when the silver bodgy won.
 And this on twitter, 57-7 Doc Jensen says that Mat Cormann the Special Minister of State now does immigration forms too.


The donation bit, thanks to everyone who has clicked and donated.  The money helps pay for Federal Court trips to Brisbane and ditto for High court.  The photocopying, the printing, the envelopes and stamps (yes they actually still exist) the phone calls. 

Thanks again.


  1. I Live in Warringah and would consider standing Against Tony Abbott to expose him

    1. are you going to take him to the court of disputed returns? I suggest legal help to get the forms done properly & dont forget to claim under the Common Informers act. I think legal aid might help if you qualify. Have fun with it

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  3. I think the Colour TV Affair where Michael McKellar was found to have an Imported Colour TV that would have weighed more than 50kg so too bulky and heavy to bring in as excess baggage, would have been sent by regular mail undocumented as a Gift from the Netherlands where Philips Eindhoven Factory is (And Tony's Mum's Family). At the Time only sets from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Lichenstein, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland however the Philips sets were often identical other than having a suffix /57 as opposed to /75 denoting mainly the different Mains Power plug.

    1. I suggest you get a lawyer,up here in Queensland they are terrified of being black listed by the party but in Sydney shouldn't be a problem

      High court is where to start, chapter 3 is the court of disputed returns bit

      You need two voters who are registered and actually did vote in the election, they will check that and a $500 guarantee

      Form 22 is where you start filling in things its available at

      If I havent got into the high court with my claim under the common Informers Act send me a bit LOL. The constitution was changed so that only one person can claim the $200 a day and they limited the number of days to one year instead of all of the 22 years. Your legal team might challenge that,its never been to court yet for a claim so might not stand up as they change the constitution so much.

      Have fun with it & hope it goes extremely well

      PS use any of my info on this blog, but remember me come common informers day :-)

  4. this might be a good spot to look for others in your electorates wanting to take MPs to the high court