Monday, 24 August 2015

The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove

The governor general refused to reply to any of my emails to me so I had to write to Libby at BuckPal.

Her office advised Sir Pete is the one and please write to him.

So here we go again, this time with Royal kick up the bum for him.

You have refused to answer my communications on many occasions so I had to write to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace.  Her staff are advising you of my writing them.

Will you please provide a response.  I have written to you about the Prime Minister of Australia being in parliament illegally.  I have written to the Speaker of the House Mr Smith with the details, they are all in

I have received numerous death threats because I dared to ask Mr Abbott to show his renunciation paperwork for his British citizenship,Mr Abbott refuses to produce them and no record of his renunciation exists.  Do I have to die for the paperwork to be produced? I have tried to ask you to do your job, you don't even respond to me. I have had to bother Her Majesty in London because you wont do your job.

Mr Abbott was born in the UK to a British father which gave him automatic British citizenship.  He applied for Australian citizenship to comply with the Rhodes Trust in June 1981 and matriculated to Oxford in October 1981 as a British citizen. Details in here

His Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet advises via FOI 2015/048 that the renunciation papers do not exist.  The British Home Office can not produce any renunciation papers for him.

Will you please ask Mr Abbott to prove he has renounced his British citizenship and if he fails to produce them will you remove him from parliament and ask the Australian Federal Police to examine fraud committed by Mr Abbott in signing 8 false declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission.  He declared to the AEC that he complied with S44 of the constitution when in fact he did not comply and had lied to the AEC.

Mr Abbotts office advises that he is only an Australian citizen, but to become just an Australian citizen he must have renounced his British citizenship and that requires a form filled in and fee paid, a very British way of doing things.

Please have him produce the paperwork or remove him from office.

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