Monday, 31 August 2015

Jihad this

Peter Dutton is the Immigration Minister in the Abbott government.  He has been in the news recently because of his Black Shirted fascists on the streets of Melbourne

And today he accused the Fairfax press and the ABC of conducting a Jihad against the government.

So I wrote to him.
Posterity will tell if he took any notice.

Hon Peter Dutton Minister for Immigration

Dear Mr Dutton

I am writing to you with regard to your Fairfax jihad comment and how you blamed Fairfax and ABC for trying to overthrow the government.

You as an ex-Queensland copper are well aware of what is and isn't law.

Your colleague Jarrod Bleijie strengthened Queensland's Crimes Act to increase the punishment for someone who knows about a serious crime and doesn't inform the police.  You may in breach of that part of the Queensland Crimes Act.

Mr Abbott was born in the UK to a British father which gave him automatic British citizenship.  He applied for and got Australian citizenship in June 1981 to comply with the Rhodes Trust and to get the scholarship and the money associated with that.  In October 1981, 4 months after getting Australian citizenship, Mr Abbott matriculated to Oxford University as a British citizen instead of as an Australian citizen, copies of the documents are here:-  He may have gone as a British citizen to claim the UK student scholarship for university students.

There is no record here or in the UK of Mr Abbott ever renouncing his British citizenship.  Mr Abbott's office say he is only an Australian citizen but refuses to discuss the renunciation of British citizenship.  being a British thing to renounce the citizenship needs a form and a fee, none of which exist.  FOI requests here have been completed saying the renunciation forms do not exist, the UK FOI response was that they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of renunciation papers and they cite section 29 of their data Protection act, which says that information can not be given out if that information would be used in a criminal proceeding.,  the only way that information could be used in a criminal proceeding is if there are no papers and Mr Abbott is charged with criminal fraud.  Signing 8 false declarations doe the AEC, the same declarations you yourself signed is a criminal act.

The Australian Electoral Commission operates under the belief,maybe ministerial or just pure incompetence that the Australian Constitution is not law.  You and I both know it is law and to claim it is not law is only there to protect Mr Abbott.  Copies of the AEC letters form the AEC are here:-

Will you demand Mr Abbott shows his renunciation papers and then realise who is actually trying to bring down this government?  the papers do not exist, Mr Abbott signed 8 false declarations for the AEC and has lied to the people for more than 21 years.  I have asked Mr Smith to look at the matter, he has yet to respond to me, a copy of the letter I sent to him is here:-

Do you still believe in the rule of law?  There must be some skerrick of that ideal left from your days as a Queensland copper, will you do the right thing for the country and rid us of a travesty who has plagued our parliament for so long?

Thankfully this email will be there for posterity to read.

Please do the right thing

Yours sincerely

Tony Magrathea

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