Thursday, 20 August 2015

Speaker of the House, Tony Smith

Hon Tony Smith, Speaker House of Representatives

Dear Mr Smith

As speaker of the House, membership is under your control.  A serious problem has arisen with a very important member of parliament, Mr Abbott.  He was born in the UK to a British father which gave him automatic British citizenship.  In June 1981 he applied for and got Australian citizenship to meet the requirements of the Rhodes Trust.  In October of 1981 he matriculated to Oxford University as a British citizen.  Details are in this blog

In March of 1994 Mr Abbott entered parliament but it seems he has not renounced his British citizenship.  The only way a person can get rid of British citizenship is to fill in a form and pay a fee, a very British way of doing things.  The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet said in an FOI request that the renunciation papers do not exist.  A copy of that FOI is here.

The UK Home Office have advised they can not declare the renunciation papers exist or do not exist, partly because that is the way their FOI act is worded but also their FOI act refers to  the Data Protection Act in the UK,s29, which states that information can not be released if that information may be used in criminal proceedings.  The only way the information can be used in criminal proceedings is ifd the renunciation papers do not exist and Mr Abbott is charged with fraud for signing false declarations for the Australian Elelctor4al Commission.  

Will you as Speaker of the House refer Mr Abbott to the JSCEM to determine if he has in fact renounced his British citizenship or is in contravention of S44 of the constitution?  If he is in contravention of the constitution will you ask the Attorney General to instruct the AFP to prosecute for signing false declarations for the AEC 8 times?

I have contacted Mr Abbotts office and he refuses to provide details of when he renounced his British citizenship.  He has been asked by Ms Butler and Senator Nash to provide details of renouncing his British citizenship but he refuses to even reply to those members of parliament.  The AEC say that S44 is not a Commonwealth law, the Commissioner of the AFP says he can not examine breaches of S44 because the AEC can not examine S44.  The Attorney Generals department refused to answer my question and instead advised the AEC can not examine S44 citizenship compliance.

Please fix this problem.

Yours sincerely

Tony Magrathea

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