Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Who said what about whom

I have said a lot about this.

Other stories and comments and put downs that have been published are here.

The dual citizenship has been reported on channel 9, ABC, Pravda, Daily Mail,APN, Fairfax, Newscorp, Sky, Independent Australia, The Guardian, AIMN, and probably others. 

If I've missed any you know of please add them in the comments.

UK Home Office FOI request

Sunshine Coast Daily, my local

North Coast Voices

Ingrids blog, the best written on the subject. My original blog that couldn't be opened, probably a denial of service attack or a mate doing a mate a favour attack.  That's why number one here is called the blog that wouldn't open.  The DOS went with an email hack that got rid of all emails at the end of August. Couldn't restore and after trying to contact google in the past gave up.  One thing google doesn't have is customer service.  All were neatly deleted and then the bin cleared.  Everything important is and always will be kept off line, in the cloud and out of my house.  Paranoid? Used to hack email accounts in Taxation to make sure staff knew the possibilities of this great new fangled thing called email. That was mid 80's.

The Australian Electoral Commission booklet for candidates.

The Guardian

Independent Australia

Independent Australia fudging


The Drum

The Age

Bugwans blog spot, got a lot of good stuff, this is just one of many.

Daily Mail


Independent Australia a gem,7299

The Human Headline,Mr Hinch on Sky,7382

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