Thursday, 12 February 2015

A phone call to the PMs office

This is a link to a phone call made to the PMs office today.

I did tell them I would be recording the call,primarily for any senate inquiry and to make sure I got the  words right.

Basically Diana from the PMs office said The Hon Terri Butler's question and my questions about Mr Abbott's dual nationality are ludicrous.

" The request you are asking is ludicrous and we will not be answering"

I asked why they would not be answering

"because the Prime Minister is the Prime Minster and he is an Australian citizen and that is as far as this conversation is going"

"You have already had a response sir"

"You have been provided a response from the department."

The only response from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet was an FOI/2014/159 which wasn't directed to me.

I did ask who the response was from, again the Department, we discussed it with the department yesterday. Yesterdays phone call ended after about 45 minutes on hold and no discussion of anything except who might be responsible for answering mine and Ms Butlers requests.

I asked for a copy of the response from the department,  I said the only one I have seen is an FOI request that states the renunciation papers do not exist.  Diana said " and that's the response you have been provided with"

Again she said "this is a ludicrous question and I am not going to have this discussion with you. That's fine publish whatever you would like."

So there you have it.  I played the file in VLC player, haven't tried any others, but undoubtedly most will cope with it.

Your view is what counts, please copy the link to this and send it you your newspapers, MPs, anyone you think will listen.

 The response you have been provided with is this FOI . That's the one that says the renunciation papers do not exist.

The file wont play from the gdrive location,something to fix Google. You can download and play from your hardrive or try this  podcast Thanks to Ronald Conron for creating that link

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