Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fighting money

I tried to update the Abbott wiki and ran into the $4.3 million worth of tax payer funds he is spending to monitor and control social media. I wanted to link to the Jan Olspn FOI and mention the internet controversy.  Edit warring happened.  I posted and then an Abbotista deleted,I posted, they deleted I posted and then got suspended because I had done things three times.  The Wiki system is set up to keep the status quo, no changes can be made if those with money want to make sure no changes can be made.

If there is anyone with Wiki expertise can you help?
All I want in the wiki is the middle bit of this included:-

If you can include that for me, much appreciated.

On another matter Ms Plibersek replied to an email asking why it was only the women in the labour party who dared to think outside the protect the boys club.

Her response is

Dear Tony

Thanks for your message.

Tony Abbott was democratically elected and the only way to get rid of him is at the ballot box.

I take the Prime Minister at his word that he renounced his citizenship. Even if he hadn't, he would be able to stand for his seat again in a by-election.

The ALP is focussed on winning the battle for ideas and showing Australians an alternative vision for our country.

Best wishes

SO that's the problem we have.
Until the AFP come online and check what has been sent to them,until the Commissioner of the AFP realises the law is more important than the Homeland Security gig promised to him we have to keep perstering MPs.

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

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