Sunday, 14 December 2014

The AEC is hamstrung and hogtied

The Australian Electoral Commission has no power to question a candidates nationality.  Mr Heerey QC has replied to my queries.

It has no power to determine if a fraud has occurred should a candidate lie about meeting the conditions set down in the constitution and set down in the AECs own declarations everyone must sign whne running for parliament.

The only way the AEC can reject a nomination is if  sections 166,167,170 or 171 have not been complied with.
Austlii has the act here and the parts basically refer to the nomination being on time,on the right form or copy of it,signed in the right way, basically simple housekeeping and box ticking rules.

I have asked the Special Minister of State to change the rules he is responsible for to allow the AEC to query citizenship so that the Kelly,Abetz and Abbott fiasco and criminality are never allowed to ahppen again.

To me it seems ridiculous, probably shameful for the country to allow a fraud to nominate for parliament and the commission responsible for the elections can not question a frauds nomination.  They have to believe someone entering politics is telling the truth, which in my cynical mind is something that rarely if ever happens.

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