Thursday, 11 December 2014

Asking about Abbott's dual nationality

I am writing to all Premiers and Chief Ministers to ask that they approach their police and justice ministers  because of what may be a serious problem regarding failure to advise your police and justice departments of an alleged crime.

The crime is Mr Abbott, our PM, signing 8 false declarations, one at each election he has stood in.  Mr Abbott was born in England to a British father which gave him automatic British citizenship. In 1981 he applied for and got Australian citizenship, this made him a dual national.
Mr Abbott ran for parliament in 1994 and at each subsequent election.

In October 2014 his Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet confirmed in an FOI request that his renunciation papers for the British citizenship do not exist. A copy of the FOI report is here.

In December 2014 Senator Macdonalds office told me that all LNP members know Mr Abbott is a dual national but they didn't think that was illegal.

Section 44 of our constitution precludes dual nationals form running for federal parliament.  Here
The Australian Electoral Commission requires all candidates to sign a declaration stating that they comply with the constitution in particular S44.  Mr Abbott has obviously signed false declarations which may be construed as fraud. Eight times.

As all LNP members of parliament know Mr Abbott is a dual national they are all conspiring to hide the crime and pervert the course of justice  Most state crimes acts require people to advise the police if they know of a crime or suspect a crime has been committed.  Every member of the LNP in parliament in Canberra has hidden this crime or possible crime for you and it could be said those who get money or being in parliament are hiding the crime for profit.

I do hope you will see it as right and proper to investigate every LNP member of Federal Parliament.


Tony Magrathea

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