Monday, 15 December 2014

Letter to Special Minister of State

Senator Ronaldson is the Special Minister of State with responsibility for the AEC.  I have written to him today asking he change the rules for the AEC and allow them to investigate and ask for proof of renunciation of dual nationalities.  Here it is:-

Dear Senator
As special minister of State part of your responsibilities are the rules relating to the AEC.
I am writing to ask you to change the rules regarding dual nationality.  As it stands at the moment the AEC have no authority to ask candidates about their nationality.This must change, the example below will explain why. The AEC must be able to query all candidates about their eligibility under section 44 of the Constitution.

At the moment the Prime Minster is in parliament illegally. He is a dual national, an FOI request to his department has shown the renunciation papers for his British nationality do not exist. He is still a dual national. The AEC have advised that they are precluded from asking or investigating dual nationality because of rules set down by your office.

The FOI is

Mr Abbott is currently being investigated by the Australian Federal Police for signing 8 false declarations and may be charged with fraud once their investigations have finished.  A copy of the investigatin request is
Mr Abbotts office refuses to reply to any questions from me or others about this.

Senator Macdonalds office advised that all MPs in the liberal party know he is a dual national but they did not think that was illegal.

People,voters,citizens of Australia are querying their own local members and members of the cabinet about Mr Abbotts dual nationality and when no response is received those people are asking their local state police to investigate the MPs for breaches of their state Crimes Acts. Most state crimes acts are not jurisdiction specific when it comes to people failing to report a crime or an alleged crime.

Senator Brandis, Ms B.Bishop,Mr Brough and Mr Dutton have been reported to Queensland police to see if they are in contravention of the Qld Crimes Act.
Similarly Mr Baird the Premier of NSW is being investigated by the NSW Police.  I also believe the NSW ICAC is examining to see if Mr Baird is in contravention of the corruption laws by hiding the alleged crime.
I am told Ms Credlin is being investigated by ACT police for contravention of their Crimes Act in failing to advise of a possible crime of fraud being committed by her employer.

I don't know how many other MPs and ministers have been asked to be investigated by state police forces, not everyone is telling me when they report on crime stoppers.

All of this police investigation of members of your party because on idiot decided he didn't need to follow the law and the Electoral Commission didn't have the authority to question him.  It could be that every member of the ministry is being investigated by the police forces of Australia because one man feels he is above the law.

Will you change the AEC rules to allow them to query nationality and to ask for copies of renunciation papers from candidates?

I do hope you see the sense in a simple change to the AEC rules.

I do hope that not everyone in cabinet has to go before the courts for hiding a crime and perverting the course of justice. And any minster investigated may face the possibility of the extra charge of gaining financially from withholding information from the police, their promotion to the ministry would be proof enough of getting a financial advantage.

I look forward to your early response as this matter needs resolved very quickly or we wont have a government left in this country.

Tony Magrathea

If you want to keep me out of poverty please think about sending a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who wont be able to afford the new $5 GP tax, nor the beer & coffee all of these politicians say is easily affordable. 

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