Monday, 22 September 2014

Mobile phones kill people driving cars.Why? An idea for stopping deaths in cars from mobile phone use

The title is a mouthful but basically tells it all.
I have posted this  on a lot of facebook pages and sent it to a lot of newspapers and politicians around the world. It is on the United Nations, European Union and White House facebook pages.
If you want to send it anywhere else, please do.  And please ask your government to consider the idea to save lives.  The idea is not patented, I am a fool.  I trust the world and I know if the idea does get used it will provide the biggest payment of all.  A life saved.
This is a message to all governments in the world. You have people dying while using mobile phones in their cars, some say it is thousand or more a year, another hundred thousand or more end up in hospitals because of using mobile phones in cars.
It can stop. Mobile communication devices need a simple tweak to have the microphone listen for car engine noises or tyre on road noises and when they are heard, the device turns off. Simple to do ,  and it can be done in a simple upgrade of current systems and all it needs is someone to say yes to the idea.
If your government legislates this idea all I ask is an annual stipend of what ever you think is a fair amount of money for saving lives and freeing up hospital space.
If you are a communication device company and want to use this idea either off your own bat or because of legislation all I ask is 1 cent US money per device per year.
You can send the payments via paypal to
OK.  People can’t seem to cope with the idea that the microphone on the phone listening for car engine noises or road tyre noises would actually have to be with the phone inside the car. That’s the whole idea of the tweak.  And noises of engines are entirely different inside a car to the noises outside the car, ditto for the road tyre noises.  Try it for yourself.   The phones will be tweaked to recognise engine noise or road tyre noise – from where the phone is – inside a car.  Next time you start up your car listen to the engine when you are sitting in the drivers seat and then get out, close the door (dont lock yourself out) and listen to the engine outside-  entirely different noises.  The biggest cost to doing this is getting the right noise for the microphones to pick up, that will take about 3 weeks of testing in my guesstimate.  The listening for tyre noise on a road is to cater for electric cars, again, when you are out driving turn the engine off and listen to the noise of the tyres on the road.  A rather different noise to the noise of tyres heard from the road side.  Don’t try turning the engine off if you are in an automatic, not sure how that would react to no engine running.
some more thinking about it. Incoming calls and texts would first check to see if car engine noises could be heard and if YES there would be no indication on the phone. Any attempt to call or text would also do the noise check and not allow the handset to turn on if hte car engine could be heard.

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