Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Letter to the editor,Sunshine Coast Daily

sent off this morning

Dear editor
it was pleasing to see your anonymous hater isnt anonymous any more. Thank you.

Just a reminder for those with bile in their brains, our racism laws are written so that if you vilify a religion you get prosecuted under the race hate laws.You get convicted as a racist.
The sad racist bogan cry that Islam isnt a race doesnt work when you are in front of the judge.

You want to be a racist? Great.You prerogative. Under our Australian laws even you have a right to free speech, but with that free speech comes the racism conviction. I admire you for risking prison and a large fine for your bigoted,small brained bogan beliefs.  Since the government came to power in 2013 bogans have evolved from ugg boot wearing checked shirts to fully fledged Hansonite racists.

Way to go Australia. Show the world we still love our white Australia policy. I know some looney lefties who,when they find you on the interweb,take joy in sending you your phone number, your address and even a picture of your front door courtesy of Google maps.  All this just for your intolerance, your bigotry,your hatred and your proof you really didnt have much of an education.

The latest line in petty nastiness was the pamphlet sent out this week.  Too bad the bogan racists can't google or they could find out for themselves what Islam is about.What Muslims are about. Me? I am an atheist but I have learnt enough to know the petty racist bogans are only a sharp knife away from the idiots beheading people. And if I get beheaded for saying this, make sure the noggin goes next to Ned Stark.

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