Monday, 22 September 2014

I love a racist free country. A plan for the future.

Australia saddens me in the push by all sorts of governments to chase the racist vote.  A decade or so ago we had the misfortune of having Pauline Hanson create her One Nation party. it was basically a party for and by racists and those who chased the white Australian policy.  That was a reprehensible policy where governments in the early part of the 20th century decided we would be better as a nation if we were white and British.  We weren’t better as a nation.
I provided this idea to a lot of politicians and only one responded.  Andrew Leigh was parliamentary secretary to the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard and who is now the opposition shadow minister for something.  He was the PMs secretary when he told me the Labor party could not support the idea because of the segregation of asylum seekers.  Instead his government and the next government use Manus Island an island on the equator in New Guinea for keeping the asylum seekers in what amounts to a concentration camp. The other place asylum seekers are kept is on Nauru a clapped out guano mine the South Pacific.
I live up to my obnoxiousness.
The idea is to establish an Ord to Adelaide canal with possibly a channel to Perth to provide water to those cities and to provide irrigation for the desert between Ord and Adelaide.
Stop imprisoning asylum seekers. Instead of waiting for them to risk the boats, park a jumbo jet at Jakarta airport and when its full fly them here. If they are so resourceful and so desperate to come here, then they are the sort of people this country needs. If you want to segregate them, then put them to work building the Ord to Adelaide canal. A grand scheme to irrigate the desert and provide a new food bowl for the world. Once they’ve had 5 years on the Ord they can either buy a farm and irrigate it or move down south. The scheme can hold 60 million people and feed a billion.  The canal will be more or less self funding, selling the right bank to the massive food corporations to grow food on irrigated land and the left bank to house the people building the scheme and provide farm land for those who have worked for 5 years. It will be covered by solar power cells to stop pollution and evaporation. The power can run everything on the scheme and the excess given to the Australian people.
Up to 50 cities will eventually have to be built all housing up to one million people.  These will be public service centres for hospitals, local government, universities, rail centres etc etc.  The benefit for Australia will be enormous, our deserts will become green fields and will provide homes for millions of desperate people.  And of course they will all pay taxes.
The workers will be paid the going rate of wages for Australian workers.

This plan can be easily tweaked to provide a Burdekin to Burke canal system,where outback Queensland is given a permanent supply of water and where the Condamine, Darling Murray river system can be topped up and supplied with a constant flow.  The Menindee lakes can be filled,Broken Hill will never again run out of water and of course the end beneficiaries will be the people of Adelaide and the Murray-Renmark irrigation areas.

But wait there is more.  The use of people for self funding infrastructure systems could also extend to a coal fields to Darwin rail system. Why continue wrecking the biggest employer,the biggest money earner and the biggest draw card in Queensland? Close the reef ports to heavy shipping and take the coal and minerals by rail to Darwin and ship from there to the markets north and east of us.

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