Monday, 8 February 2016

The Pommie PMs,did any renounce?

Australia has had a few foreign born Prime Ministers

Sir George Houston Reid, GCN,GCMG, KC born 25/2/1845 at Johnsone in Scotland

William Morris Hughes, CH, QC, born 25/9/1862 at Pimlico,London

Andrew Fisher, born 29/8/1862 at Crosshouse,Scotland

Joseph Cook, GCMG, born 7/12/1860 at Silverdale, England

Anthony John Abbott, born 4/11/1957 at London, England

Julia Eileen Gillard, born 29/9/1961 at Barry Wales.

The British brought in their Nationality and Citizenship Act in 1948 act so the first four would have been Pommies and Aussies as Prime Minister.  Or not, the Australian citizenship laws may have stopped a few from becoming even Australians.

Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott had to have filled out their form RN and paid a fee to the British Home Office to renounce their British citizenship and become legally entitles to enter parliament.

The UK Records Office has written to me saying until 1986 there is no record of Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott ever renouncing their British citizenship.

I have asked Ms Gillard to show her renunciation papers but she doesn't reply to my emails.  Same modus operandi of Mr Abbott so at first glance I would say she too was Prime Minister illegally. And there you have the reason the most aptly named parliamentarian TWATTS, aka Timmy, came out so strongly protecting Mr Abbott in The Age.

A thirty year time frame on the UK National Records Office will come as a shock for these two when their pensions are cancelled in 8 years for Mr Abbott and 10 years for Ms Gillard.

We have laws for everyone, not just the paupers.  Even the elite have to pull their heads in and obey.

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