Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Letter to the editor

Independent Australia doesn't do letters to the editor and most papers refuse to me because I write  things they don't want to read
Dear editor
I was a little preoccupied by the former Prime Minister being in parliament as a dual national.  As you and some of your readers know dual nationals are not allowed in our federal parliament because section 44 of our Constitution says it can't happen.
Nothing wrong with dual nationals, I am one and have survived the legal system in Australia pretty well, so far.  But a Prime Minister who forgot to renounce his British citizenship is a little careless.
I'm over it, more or less.  The thing that now sticks in my craw is the way the Labour party and Liberal party combine to protect the former PM from any investigation.  And if Labour won't use the Australian spelling there is no way I will change.
Mr Griffin is a Labour party honcho who took over as acting Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters during the over throw of the former PM.  He held a secret meeting of some members of the JSCEM on the 14th of October to discuss my emails to members of the committee asking specifically:

could you please tell me who is responsible for monitoring and policing S44 of the constitution.

The AEC say that the constitution isn't law and they do not monitor it.
The AFP say they can not prosecute breaches of S44 because the AEC can not ask about S44 of the constitution.
Senator Brandis doesn't do it because the only current breach is a member of his party.

So who monitors compliance and prosecutes breaches of S44 of the constitution
The secret meeting decided they would not inquire into who monitors S44 of the constitution.  It's what they do, JSC Electoral Matters.
Why is there a cover up about who monitors and prosecutes breaches of our Constitution? Why is a part of our constitution only prosecuted for 40 days every three years? And then only in a very special way, within 40 days of an election being decided 2 voters from the seat of a suspected member of parliament in breach of S44 of the constitution must fork out $500 and go to the High Court to determine if the MP is in the parliament legally.
Another funny bit that came out of my asking questions was my gmail account being hacked last year shortly after sending a few emails and receiving one reply.  Everything went and they even cleared the bin.  No way for anyone to recover anything.  I had just asked Brandi,Bishop and Brough to find out if the former PM complied with s44 of the constitution. 
I had also asked the AFP to look at prosecution for fraud, every potential MP has to sign a declaration for the AEC saying they comply with amongst other things, S44 of the constitution.  I believe it was Roman Quaedvlieg as 2IC of the AFP who replied to me and said the AFP can not examine the matter or prosecute for fraud because the AEC can not look at citizenship compliance under S44.
Coincidence my email got hacked, I can't say who did it because I just don't know.  Mr Quaedvlieg was promoted by the former PM to the Border Farce job.



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