Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The village idiot

The amazing Malcolm Ieuan Roberts

Born in India at Disergarh on 3rd May 1955.

And that’s about all we know about his citizenship.

I tried asking the Australian High Commission in New Delhi if they had any records of his birth being registered as an Australian born overseas.  They have nothing on record and they told me all records were transferred to the ACT Births Deaths and Marriages in Canberra.
BDM in Canberra have no record of him ever being registered as an Australian born overseas, ie in India.

There is a shipping list showing him and his parents leaving Bombay for the UK in April 1956.  His citizenship is listed as UK (Aus) so figure that one out.


This is what I got from the High Commission


And this from the Canberra Births Deaths and Marriages


So I wrote to the Department of Immigration and Border Farce to lodge an FOI to find out if they have anything about his Australian citizenship application.
They wrote back saying they don’t have the file it is with the National Archives of Australia.


Shock of shocks I had checked with the NAA before lodging the FOI with Immigration.  I sort of know what is what by now.

National Archives of Australia show nothing for Malcolm Ieuan Roberts, no records at all.
So what are you Malbob?  No record of your Australian citizenship and you refuse to answer any emails or letters I send you as my Queensland Senator.  You were born Indian but no record of you becoming Australian.
Would you care to enlighten us or wait for the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters to decide things for you?

Wouldn’t it be cute if you and Culleton both go missing because of S44 of the constitution.

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  1. Thanks to those of you who Paypal me. because it is Paypal they wont let me thank you personannly. Much appreciated

    1. checked again today 16/2/17 - still nothing in the National Archives.

      Show or go Malbob.

  2. Nearly a month later and still nothing in the National Archives. Immigration refuse to supply a file number, so I doubt there is one. Show or go Malbob

  3. NAA emailed today 7/4/17 - Thank you for your inquiry. does not exist......

    A search was conducted under the Queensland immigration series J25, which proved unsuccessful.

    All immigration files have been listed, and should be found on RecordSearch.

    As this was not the case, the next step will be to look through an index series.

    This is a courtesy email to update you on our progress.

  4. His file has been found and is available in the Brisbane off ie of the National Archives if you are curious

  5. Does he have British citizenship due to his parents?