Monday, 22 August 2016

Any geeks out there?

I write to Dave Donovan, editor of Independent Australia and Ross Jones author of Ashbygate quite regularly.

Today I started writing an email and noticed a greyed out email address with an option to Bcc or Cc it.  The name in the email address is Chris Moraitis, the secretary of the Attorney General's department.  This has never happened before.

Now a question for you whizz kids and computer nerds and beloved geeks of the interweb, is it something I have pressed by mistake to have this happen in my gmail account or does the paranoia button need pressed?

When I put my wife's name as first in the list nothing shows up.

With Ross & Dave  I use their names and Moraitis comes up too.

What have you done Chris?  Isn't illegal to hack the media?  Yes I am part of the media as are Dave & Ross.  I am not a very good part of the media but I have actually written stuff that has been published.  So WTF?




This is the bit should you want to cross my palm with silver

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