Saturday, 9 July 2016

It's all about me

I was told this week it's all about me, about my ego and me making a place in history for myself.

It isn't.

First up thank you to those who donate, I can't reply to you personally because Paypal protects your privacy and goodonem for doing that.

Secondly why did I bother?
I am a pom with Australian citizenship a dual national. Born in the same year as Tony Abbott.  He came as a boat person I flew.

As a dual national I was curious when and where Tony Abbott got his Australian citizenship, there was nothing I could find in anything written about him or by him and because of the Sue vs Hill thingy in the High court about a One Nation senator having her election revoked because she was a dual national I was curious about when he renounced his British citizenship.

Why would a man who had just become Australian Prime Minister not be waving his Australian citizenship around madly and screaming look at me!  And why wouldn't he be not doing the same with his renunciation of British citizenship?  So I asked.  And was ignored.

I got so frustrated I started looking up things and felt for certain that a document as important as his renunciation of British citizenship , which was needed for him to enter parliament, would be available in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.  Instead of going through the fluff of writing and being ignored again I decided to write to the FOI clerk and ask for advice on how to lodge an FOI.  I had never done one before and only ever rad about them in the papers.

Ms Credlin, the maker of fine cuppas wrote to me and said she would never allow any FOI asking about Mr Abbott's renunciation of British citizenship, she had refused the FOI before I had actually written one.

And so it started.  I wrote to the Rhodes Trust, they told me their rules were adjusted after Mr Abbott so that what he did could never happen again, they weren't specific in what he did but I presume it was to do with him getting Australian citizenship days before he was due to fly to England to enter Oxford.  Or maybe it was actually entering Oxford as a British citizen,  I wrote to them asking if they could tell me if he went there as a pom, Aussie or dual, they said he entered Oxford just as a British citizen.

I wrote several times to the Home Office in the UK with FOI requests, I even appealed their refusal to say more than we can neither confirm nor deny Mr Abbott has renounced his British citizenship.  I later found out there is a 30 year embargo on that information and the 30 year will be up in March 2024 for Mr Abbott.  If there are no renunciation papers released then, it shows he entered parliament illegally and signed a false declaration at his first election.

One thing the Home Office did let loose in the appeal was that part of the reason was S29 of the Data Protection Act which tells what can and cant be released when it relates to possible crimes.  Signing false declarations is possibly a crime.

That all happened in early 2014, after that I thought I would talk with my elected representatives. HA
I wrote to the AFP saying I believed Mr Abbott had signed a false declaration to get into parliament, Mr Abbott was sleeping with them at the time and the cop I was dealing with got a very nice promotion a little later.

The MPs I wrote to were Brandis, Brough and Bishop.  Brandis is AG and my senator, Brough my local MP and Bishop the helicopter girl who was also speaker of the house, I wasn't nearly as cynical about politicians as I am now.  None replied to me. The cop was I believe Mr Quaedvleig.   Shortly after those emails my gmail account was hacked and everything cleaned out properly.  5000 emails gone but being the good data security person I was only two of any importance were lost, one from Mr Leigh about asylum seekers being allowed into the country and the other from Mr Quaedvlieg more or less telling me where to go.  everything else was kept in cloud backups,USB sticks, other computers and hard copies at home and a friends house.  I started my gmail with a clean sheet and extreme security, so much so I was woken at midnight one night last week when someone was trying to hack my account again.

From there I contacted every member of parliament and had an enormous variance in the replies I got, though most just ignored.

Senator Cameron's office said it was an irrelevance.
Senator MacDonald's said everyone knew he was a dual national but that's not illegal is it?
Mr Wilkie said it was a matter his constituents probably wouldn't be interested in so he wouldn't comment.
Senator Nash wrote to Mr Abbott and Senator Brandis and is still waiting for a reply.
Ms Butler wrote to Mr Abbott and ditto is still waiting for a reply but because of her writing I am sure she got special treatment from Helicopter girl and was section 94A'd  out of question time every time I watched the fiasco on telly.

Jan Olson got an FOI through PM&C while Credlin was overseas with Abbott, lucky timing but she insists the wording she used.  That FOI said the renunciation papers didn't exist.

Change The System wrote a petition and presented it to Ms Plibersek, Mr Bandt, Mr Shorten.  33,250 signed that petition and the MPs ignored that.  It became clear later why, Mr Bandt didn't want to upset the liberals because they wanted senate reform and Mr Shorten still had dual national MPs in his parliamentary ranks.  I have asked Mr Gray and Mr Ripoll to show they have renounced their British and French citizenships, instead of replying they decided not to run for election again.  An interesting thing about Mr Shorten, I asked him shortly after my email account was hacked to ask in parliament about Mr Abbott, I asked on farcebook and he blocked me immediately.

I had nothing to do with the petition except signing it, Change The System did a marvellous job in getting so many to dare ask the question and it is scandalous the MPs just ignored him.  I don't think they even acknowledged receipt and thanks him for his work.

 I asked three Special Minister of State to write a directive allowing the Australian Electoral Commission to examine and prosecute breaches of S44 of the constitution.  None replied, thanks again Senators Robinson and Cormann and Mr Brough.

The AEC can't look at the constitution because that isn't Commonwealth law, the AEC is limited to Commonwealth legislation only. The constitution was written by the states and legislated by Britain.
This may screw up the election if anyone dares to ask the High Court.

I lodged a few petitions in parliament as a single signatory, highly proper and normal.  The first asked Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers, the response is here.   It is also the same response to the petition asking some mechanism be drawn up to allow monitoring and prosecuting of breaches of S44 of the constitution.  This is the first of the official cover ups to protect Abbott and I found later Bob Baldwin and Doc Jensen the head of the petitions committee.  I ask ed Baldwin and Jensen to show copies of their renunciation paper and neither bothered replying.

The next petition was directed to the Minister for Immigration to find out if Mr Abbott got his Australian citizenship legitimately.  I had tried writing to Mr Dutton, he refused to reply so I lodged an FOI request.  Legally the department has 30 days to respond.  They didn't so I lodged a petition in parliament.  That petition was hidden by Doc Jensen with Mathias Cormann and marked not to be answered.  7 months after lodging the FOI I got a response of about 100 blank pages and a few sentences saying I was using false documents to make the claim.  I used their own documents signed by their own minister in 1981.

And so it went on.  I tried the Federal court, was accepted then knocked back because it is a High Court matter.  I tried the High Court several times.  Later I found the registrar is a member of the liberal party.  Lawyers in Queensland are terrified of openly being associated with the case because the LNP up here control 30,000 businesses.  A huge amount of legal business to risk losing and being black banned from.

My grandsons have reams of failed paperwork for the courts to use as scribble paper, thousands of pages have been printed in my efforts to get the matter to the court, the last time was a few days before the election and I was knocked back for using the word "you" in the writ of summons.  Too personal said the registrar.  Another frustrating thing about he High Court is, Brisbane doesn't have a registrar, it is a fax machine for the Sydney High Court.  Needs fixed whoever is Attorney General or Minister for Justice in two weeks time.  To get to the Brisbane fax machine I need to travel 6 hours by bus and train which is a real and significant pain in my already broken back.

The election.  The people of Warringah now have a chance to put Mr Abbott to the court of disputed returns,  I have two people who have contacted me and if there are others wanting help or documents please contact me in the comment or find me on facebook or twitter.  There is only one me in the world, when I chose to honour Douglas Adams a decade or more ago I couldn't use Marvin, a brain the size of a planet, it was more like my ego was the size of a planet.  Hence the Magrathea bit.

And it seems the people of  Wentworth may be able to put Mr Turnbull to the court of disputed returns if they want to check another of my blogs. Talk to your legal people and see if you can.

The rest of the country might like to check with their MPs and senators to see if they can show they have renounced their birth nationality to sit legally in parliament. 

You would think that with something as basic and fundamental as the constitution and with candidates having to sign a document saying they comply with S44 of the constitution they would be able to show they have renounced.

Senator Walters  was born in Canada but her parents registered her Australianism straight away
Ms Ley was born in Nigeria but her parents registered her as a British national straight away and was never Nigerian, she assures me she has renounced legally.
Belgian and Malaysian born lose their birth citizenship when they become Australian and I think Singapore might do too.
Senator Ludlam is too hard to find out, he wont answer when I ask if he has renounced his K1W1ness
The Human Headline, Derryn Hinch has renounced his NZship
The former members Gray,Ripoll and Baldwin didn't risk running again, Jensen got 57-7'd and Nikolic got voted out,
Nikolic was a strange one to look at, again he refused to respond to my emails but checking with the Serbian embassy he couldn't renounce until he did national service and as he left when a toddler that was a bit hard to do. If he had bothered talking we might have blown away S44 of the constitution but he decided to stay schtum and protect Abbott.

So it's all about me, me chasing history and self importance and ego.  I was told that this week because I refused to hand over the names of he people who have contacted me about court of disputed returns for Abbott.

Thanks again to those who donated to try and get Abbott in court.  No click on this one, if you want to donate for my ego use another blog.


  1. If our politicians went for K1w1 social security it would be easier to find out!

  2. I was told by students in Oxford at the same time as Tony Abbott that he probably went to Oxford as a British citizen so he could claim the UK student allowance. The UK minister for education has been asked but no reply yet