Friday, 13 May 2016

do you comply with the constitution


no way of finding out so candidates are coming to me

Letter to Senator Cormann the minister responsible.

You Senator Robinson and Mal Brough have all refused to reply to my request for you to direct the AEC to be able to check compliance with the constitution for candidates and members.

The situation is now farcical.

Because so many know I am taking Tony Abbott to the High court,after the polls close, I am being asked to advise them if they comply with the constitution.

There is no one who can advise candidates if they comply.

Mr Gray and Mr Griffin did all they could in their respective committees to stop my questions about constitution compliance being answered, to protect the arse of Gary Gray. He isnt running again in the hope he wont be taken to the  High Court.

You are the minister responsible and you refuse to allow the public servants to check compliance, candidates re coming to me?  How utterly ridiculous is that.

The only reason the papers dont run with it is you are owned by Murdoch and he owns the media.

The bit down the bottom that paid for stuff like the printing,the photocopying,the envelopes and stamps and phone calls, the trips to Brisbane and caffeine top ups from 5am until home time. The trips to Brisbane are a 6 hour round trip public transport adventure.  AND the birth certificates, National Archives files, searches in the UK etc etc etc  Thanks to everyone who has clicked on this in the last year or so.  



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  2. High Court soon, going to wait for the nominations to close before I lodge. I am told the Sydney registrar cant block what I have prepared this time. Strange that Brisbane is only a fax machine for the Sydney registrar.

    Thanks so much to those of you who donated. Very much appreciated.

    Lawyers in Queensland are shy of being associated with the case, the LNP controls more than 30,000 businesses up here a lot to risk should they start blacklisting lawyers.

    Thanks again. Dont forget if you have a foreign born candidate in the election ask your local paper to ask them to show their renunciation papers.