Sunday, 10 April 2016

Offshore tax havens

I don't like offshore tax havens.

People,businesses,companies get the benefits of living working and earning money in a country and should pay their full share of the tax due.

Some of our politicians have gloated about having offshore tax havens as a natural part of being rich. Prime Minister Turnbull said in parliament he pays the full amount of tax due in Australia, but as is shown by so many of the liberal party donors, the tax system allows people to legally rig their money so that they pay no tax.

Offshore accounts with zero tax help get Australian money overseas when it should be in Australia working for our country.

Simplistic, but that's me.

Their is nothing illegal about using zero tax offshore accounts for most Australians, just as with dual nationality every Australian has the right to do just that.  Until you enter parliament.

The same few lines of our constitution that screw up Tony Abbott and probably half a dozen others for having dual nationalities also has problems for offshore account holders.

Mr Turnbull admits and gloats about having some, probably Mr Palmer has some too.

Section 44 of the constitution says an MP must be disqualified if they are entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power.

Zero tax in the Caymans is a right and a privilege of citizens of the Caymans.  The rich buy that right to zero tax.

Are Mr Turnbull and Mr Palmer in parliament illegally?  It is hard to find out because Palmer was a massive donor to the liberals before becoming his own political party and Turnbull is protected by Brandis as Attorney General.

I have asked Mr Keenan as Justice Minister to look at this but the breath aint being held. It is pointless contacting Senator Brandis, it seems as though he has marked my email address as spam and I don' t have a fax so cant get in touch with him.

Sydney University School of Law and Professor Joellene Riley the dean of the school should probably look at the teaching regimen and see if the constitution is taught or just glossed over.  To have two recent Prime Ministers get their law degree from the School and then to appear to be in breach of the constitution doesn't look good for what is taught and how it was taught at such a venerable institution.  Add the dual citizenship and privileges and rights of a foreign power to Mr Abbott not filling our his own citizenship form a month or two after getting his law degree from Sydney University and things look at best dodgy for those who get a degree from the school.

The cruel amongst us would mention Kelloggs, but I wont.

Professor Riley perhaps you could enlighten the world and give your esteemed views on Mr Abbott's dual citizenship, him being granted Australian citizenship without signing a form and on Mr Turnbull's tax haven.  Are they in parliament legally?

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