Monday, 4 May 2015

Naturalised not citizenship by descent

This is nothing huge in the whole manner of things other than it shows Mr Abbott is a naturalised Australian done on 26/6/81.It is an FOI from the Australian Electoral Commission for form 60 the one all candidates must sign.

And it is proof he has signed a declaration for the Australian Electoral Commission that he is  compliant with section 44 of the constitution.  S44 is the niggley bit of writing that demands all candidates for federal parliament be just Australian and no other secret citizenship.

Mr Abbott has been saying in parliament he is an Australian by descent, his mum might have been an Aussie when she was born, it isn't really clear she still was when he was born because his British birth certificate is a secret document, along with his Australian citizenship papers, but she must have renounced her Australian citizenship to get the ten pound pom boat trip as an assisted migrant.  Even the registration of birth of a child for an Australian outside of Australia was done on 25/6/81 a day before naturalisation happened.  The pics for the boat trip and registration are below.

Just a little bit to help the future rid ourselves of a Prime Minister who considers he doesn't have to reply to other MPs, let alone voters.

A Prime Minister of whom Senator Nash of the Nationals has asked her Nationals colleague Senator Brandis, the Attorney General,to investigate with regard to his dual nationality.

A Prime Minister who seems to have told all his party colleagues to ignore anyone daring to question his citizenship.

A Prime Minister protected by Mr Shorten, the leader of the Labour Party, who has instructed all of his party members to stop asking about Mr Abbott's  dual nationality.  Mr Shorten has declared via those members of the party willing to speak, that the agenda is more important.  As a voter I am yet to find out what that agenda is even though I have written to Mr Shorten via email and twitter.  I can't write to Mr Shorten via facebook because like  a great deal of right wing politicians he has blocked me there.

If you would like to keep me out of poverty, please press the button and thank you all that do.

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