Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Letter to Gary Gray,Shadow Special Minister for State

unfortunately I can not contact you on twitter where I contacted Ms Plibersdek,Ms Bishop and Senator Ronaldson about the lack of oversight of citizenship and compliance with S44 by this and previous parliaments.
For some reason your party has silence any member asking about compliance with S44, to the many thousands who follow the discussion on twitter this seems as thought the labour too has some members to protect.
Who is the labour party protecting form investigation into compliance with S44?
With the liberals it is easy to understand why they flinch from the idea, the Prime Minister is the leader of those who do not comply with the constiution and several other members are showing up as not having Australian citizenship in  the National Archives of Australia.  the NAA can not be guaranteed as the be all and end all of Australian citizenship, but it is a good place to start raising questions and the reluctance of the liberal MPs queried to confirm they actually have Australian citizenship is disconcerting.
Dr. Jensen had the gall to call me an idiot for daring to ask if he would follow up what you labour people are covering up, Terri Butler's question to the Prime Minister from 23 January, a link to that letter is included with this email, he has no Australian citizenship papers with the National Archives.  Not does Mr Cormann, and a few on your side of politics.  
I have contacted public servants in both the House and the Senate and they advise they are unable to monitor the law or query members of parliament if they comply with the law.
Senator Ronaldson presumably refuses to do this, he refuses to reply to any of my letters so I don't know for sure.  
As a politician you have the right and power to ask that compliance with S44 of the constitution be looked into, will you do this?  Will you ask for an audit of citizenships?

It is sad that voters have to do what their elected representatives refuse to do. Voters have to take the matter to the High Court and I guess every foreign born member of parliament will be heading to the High Court after the next election unless it is proven before hand that they comply with S44 of the constitution.  The High Court has better things to do than to do the job of politicians and it is a waste of so many highly educated and trained bodies on the High Court to have them do what should be basic public service work.  
I look forward to your asking parliament to run an audit of compliance with S44 of our constitution.  You MPs can't demand citizens comply with our laws when it appears so many of you do not.

If you want to keep me out of poverty, please send a penny or two.  I am one of those pov-liners who can't afford to drive a car and for who a cup of coffee or a glass of beer is out of the question.

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