Monday, 2 September 2019

Peter Dutton, immoral or illegal?

A letter to Mr Dutton MP.

Dear Mr Dutton

in a recent video posted on social media you say you have never done anything criminal or immoral and would like to be told if you have.


Signing a false declaration to nominate for election.
In your qualifications check list for the 2019 election you did not mention that you have an indirect pecuniary interest in companies that receive millions in Commonwealth dollars. Your wife and children get Commonwealth funding for child care centres they benefit from.  You get an indirect pecuniary interest in those child care centres because your wife and children benefit. Indirect means they money doesn't have to go directly to you or companies you own, the indirect part is your family benefits greatly.

Your failure to mention this is in breach of Division 136 & 137 of the Criminal Code

I trust you will be asking Mr Colvin to examine the case and prosecute immediately.


You failed to put yourself to the High Court in last parliament when you were listed on the family trust and got a direct pecuniary interest in companies receiving Commonwealth dollars. Many of your parliamentary colleagues put themselves to the High Court for the court to determine if they were in parliament illegally, you didn't bother.   Mr Joyce used the same solicitors you did as did quite a few other MPs and all were found in breach of our constitution. You didn't bother which stinks of your immorality.

Immoral or illegal?
Several Commonwealth Crimes Reports have been lodged with the AFP and Mr Colvin has chosen to not even examine them.  One person who lodged a CCR was told he would be ignored.

Are Mr Colvin and the AFP refusing to examine Commonwealth Crimes Reports against members of parliament to protect you and other members of your party? It isn't just the LNP Liberals and Nationals being reported.

Or are Mr Colvin and the AFP acting under your orders to ignore the Commonwealth Crimes Reports?  Will you allow those Commonwealth Crimes Reports, last parliament and this, to be actioned by the AFP?

If you really are going to become a moral MP you should stand aside until the criminal action and the High Court actions are investigated by the courts.

I dare you to become moral and legal.


Tony Magrathea

PS this letter is in parliamentary archives for posterity to determine if you are moral and legal, it will also be on social media

The recent video post is on this Twitter post.  Twitter video

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Petitions in federal parliament

Sign the petition at the links below the petition words.




Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Dear commissioner

Dear Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

your brave call that the law is the law is appreciated by most Australians and for those of us with a political bent we would like to make sure the law is the law applies to politicians too.

A simple way to show this would be with the signing of a false declaration by Josh Frydenberg in his qualifications check-list.

In the check-list Mr Frydenberg says all of his family stopped being Hungarian or Polish in 1948. A copy of the document is here - the original can be found here

The qualifications check-list is signed by Mr Frydenberg dated 17/4/19.

In the citizenship register at Parliament House Canberra Mr Frydenberg says he has searched archival documentation in Australia about his parents. The citizenship register is here

An Australian Department of Immigration document which is available in the National Archives shows his mother was Hungarian at the end of 1950, 2 years after he said in his nomination form that she ceased being Hungarian. A copy is here

This case I am presenting to you is not a constitutional matter it is a breach of the Criminal Code. The Australian Electoral Commission can not prosecute any matter because their legislation doesn't allow it. The offence Mr Frydenberg has committed is a breach of making any false or misleading statement in any enrolment or electoral papers, maximum penalty: 12 months imprisonment (Division 136 & 137 of the Criminal Code)

I look forward to your showing the law is the law for everybody.

I understand Commonwealth Crimes reports have been lodged online but no one who has lodged the reports has had any response from the AFP. I trust my writing directly to you both will expedite procedures against Mr Frydenberg.

kind regards

Tony Magrathea

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Friday, 19 July 2019

A letter to our Prime Minister about our criminal MPs

This letter was sent using the Prime Ministers official PM contact page.  If a response ever comes I will post at the end of this.

I note you in the Jewish News rightly condemning holocaust deniers, but there was nothing in that story about your MPs who lied to nominate for election.

One of those who lied is mentioned in the Jewish News story, Mr Frydenberg.

In Mr Frydenberg's qualification check-list, a part of his nomination forms, he says all his predecessors stopped being Polish and Hungarian in 1948. I sent Mr Frydenberg a copy of a Department of Immigration form from 1950 and also dated 1951 which clearly shows his mother and her family arrived in Australia as Hungarian citizens and with Hungarian passports. Lying to nominate for election is a serious crime but it seems your Attorney General is lying or doesn't know what he is talking about when he answered a petition asking who was responsible for prosecuting MPs that lie to nominate for election. According to Mr Porter it is the CDPP who must do this. According tot he CDPP Mr Porter is talking through his rectum. The answer to the petition is here -

Mr Frydenberg's qualifications check list is here -

A copy of a Viennese government document form 1949 showing Mr Frydenbergs family being Hungarian and a copy of the Immigration department document is in this blog

A copy of the Immigration document is attached

Will you ask for Mr Frydenberg to be prosecuted for signing a false declaration to nominate for election? Mr Gaughan, the AFP Deputy Commissioner said the law is the law when the AFP invaded a journalists house and he ABC. Mr Dutton said nobody is above the law. Will you show that your government obeys the law and your MPs are not above the law or are you immune form the law? This matter is not related to the constitution it is related to criminal law and doesn't require the Court of Disputed Returns to show the law is the law even for Liberal MPs.

A second part to that blog shows Mr Dutton himself lied on his qualifications check list. He receives an indirect pecuniary interest from his wife and children and their family trust receiving Commonwealth funding for the child care centres they own. Again this isn't directly a constitutional matter it is Mr Dutton lying on his qualifications check-list - where he refused to list the indirect pecuniary interest from the child care centres.

Will you show your party and its members are not above the law or should we all just hang our heads in despair? 

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Jaboticaba wine

Recipe pinched from Catherine Allison

1.2kg Jaboticaba
1kg sugar
1 teaspoon peptic enzyme
3.5 litres water
Red wine yeast

Boil up the sugar and water together until the sugar dissolves completely and allow to cool. You don't need to boil all the water......just enough to dissolve the sugar.

Crush all the fruit and remove the seeds.

Put the fruit into a cloth bag of some sort.

Pour the cooled water and sugar into a sanitised food grade bucket and add the bag of fruit. Add the peptic enzyme. Cover with a tea towel.

Leave overnight and then add the yeast.

Stir twice a day.

After 2 days remove the fruit. Squeeze the fruit through a sieve of colander. Keep the pulp and juice and discard the skins. The skins have a high tannin level and if left too long in the fermenting mix, they can cause the wine to have a bad taste.

Add the pulp back into the cloth back and put it back into the fermenting bucket.

After a week to 10 days remove the pulp and pour the remaining mix into a carboy / demijohn. I used a hydrometer to tell me when the primary fermentation was finished, but you don't have to. Seal the carboy with a one way valve.

Re rack into another carboy after a couple of months and repeat this step until it is clear.

Once it is clear it can be bottled. I decided I wanted to sweeten my wine up because it was a bit too dry for me, so I added potassium metasulphite to halt the fermentation and then added a heap of dissolved sugar. I didn't measure how much though. I also added campden to sterilise the mix.

24 hours later I bottled it all. I have 15 bottles of it 😜. I will probably leave it a year or so before opening one up to drink it now.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

2019 election

A few of our glorious leaders have signed false declarations to nominate for election

Josh Frydenberg has been immune from questions about his Hungarian citizenship because we don't mention the holocaust. He got Hungarian citizenship when it was confirmed by Hungary she had Hungarian citizenship in a parliamentary decision a few. In the qualifications check-list he said his mother stopped being an Hungarian citizen in 1948 but there are some government documents saying otherwise. A 1949 document from Vienna and the Australian Department of Immigration document from 1951 saying she is Hungarian.


The relevant part of his qualifications check list is here - and the signature on the form follows that.

Mr Dutton failed to mention his family trust in his Qualifications check list. He did tell the world he had renounced his family trust and he no longer a beneficiary of it but the constitution says “ (v) has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth “ meaning the indirect benefit of his wife an children being beneficiaries of a family trust that has companies receiving Commonwealth dollars means he breaches the constitution. Failing to declare this means he has signed a false declaration to nominate for parliament.

Both of these MPs need to be visited  by the AFP and discuss their signing false declarations to nominate for election. The matters give 12 months prison as the maximum sentence meaning they are banned form politics forever. A win win for the people of Australia.

Others to be considered for the law being the law and nobody being above the law are those S44 cases who didn't bother renouncing their foreign citizenship when they knew they held foreign citizenships.  

Mr Joyce, a highly educated man, did this 6 times.  Surely having a university degree would mean you know how to read a form and ask questions of yourself, but no.  He is above the law.

Ms Gallagher the labour senator was shown in the High Court to have known she hadn't renounced her British citizenship but still went ahead and entered parliament.

Ms Singh another labour senator admitted in the press she knew her renunciation hadn't gone through when she signed the forms saying it had. 

Mr Roberts, and I don't want to do him again or we end up with Steve Dickson, the High Court determined he didn't meet the constitutional requirements and he himself said he renounced his British citizenship months after entering parliament.

Stephen Parry the former President of the Senate is an ex copper and should be well aware of the law and determining how the law applies to him.  

The law is the law.  Come on Mr Gaughan how about proving that the law is the law for all

A bit at the end showing some document that may be of interest - a petition answer by Mr Porter telling us the CDPP is responsible for prosecution.  And responses from the CDPP basically saying Porter is talking out of his arse.

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Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts and me

The news is out that I have sued Malcolm Roberts under the Common Informers (Parliamentary Disqualifications) Act and had a bit of a win. I won $6000 and court costs, for me the money was the least important thing, though it will be nice for my wife and I to get an electric bike each. The most important thing was being the first to successfully use the act and win.

I quite often get asked why I bothered and the answer is pretty simple, Peta Credlin. In 2013 I asked Tony Abbott, our then newly elected Prime Minister, to show his renunciation of British citizenship papers. He refused to answer my letters so I contacted his parliamentary office and suggested to his Chief of Staff that a Freedom Of Information request could get the information he refused to show the world. She told me that she would become the FOI clerk if I dared lodge an FOI asking for Mr Abbott's renunciation of British citizenship paperwork.
I was irked. Good old fashioned irkdom took over and I started looking at our constitution, in particular S44 and asking questions of those MPs who were born overseas. None replied so a Twitter ordeal began which helped contribute to so many MPs being removed form parliament for breaching our constitution. I wasn't the only person doing this, many others took up the fight and it was pleasing to see the court actions finally happen. One man in Perth drew up a petition asking Mr Abbott to show his renunciation papers and it got 60,000 signatures. That petition was given to several politicians and they used the paperwork to line their kitty litter trays, it was never mentioned in parliament. Unfortunately my whole history of Twitter activism in the S44 process was deleted by Jack Dorsey the boss of Twitter when he decided my calling a rich bitch a rich bitch in a discussion about franking credits was bullying and not allowed.
Two petitions to parliament put by me asked for audits of S44 compliance, one in parliament 44 and then again in parliament 45. Senator Cormann refused both petitions saying it is up to the voter to take MPs to the Court of Disputed Returns.

Apologies to my readers, I tend to type like I talk, pretty much none stop and drifting a little off topic.

Back to Mr Roberts. When I learned he was standing for parliament I wrote and asked him to make sure he had renounced his foreign citizenships. His Indian citizenship seemed the most likely to cause problems and the associated British citizenship was the one that did him over. I was mentioned in the High Court chronology for him and this in my mind tied me to his case.

During my irkdom about Peta Credlin I had looked at the penalties in the constitution for breaching S44 and thought this might be good for Mr Roberts. The original part of the constitution says the penalty is £100 per day and any person could sue for that amount. When the constitution was written the £100 was a quarter of an MPs annual salary. That part of the constitution was replaced by the Common Informers (Parliamentary Disqualifications) Act in 1974 because at that time Malcolm Fraser was trying to overthrow the Gough Whitlam government and Mr Whitlam had a few pommies and other nationalities in his government. The act seems to have been designed to save those MPs money if they were ever taken to court.

And so to Mr Roberts. I asked nearly all of the major legal companies in Queensland to take on the case but they all seemed terrified of upsetting any politician. I drew up my own thoughts on the matter and spoke unofficially with Clem van der Weegen who had stood as a Palmer candidate in 2013 and we had tweeted each other at that time. He had a bit of a political bone in his body and suggested I get a lawyer to represent me in discussions with him which is the proper legal way of doing things. Roweena Ferral in Caloundra took on my case and the rest is judicial history. The first to successfully put and win a Common Informers (Parliamentary Disqualifications) Act case.

Anyone planning on taking the MPs removed from parliament should realise the action can only happen within 1 year of the MP being removed and then it times out. Starting an action may be legally expensive, especially if you aren’t successful. The payouts aren't great, $200 a day for each day they sit in that parliament is getting less and less as our parliament decides it doesn't need to sit as much as the Canadian or normal English parliament. They sit 140-160 days a year, ours sat 29 days last financial year. After starting my action against M Roberts I lodged a petition in parliament asking the penalty reflect what was originally in our constitution, a quarter of an MPs annual salary or about $50,000 per day which would be a significant deterrent to anyone signing a false declaration on their nomination forms. Barring that I suggested in the petition that the £100 could be adjusted for inflation which would make it about $15,000 a day. Attorney General Mr Porter refused both ideas saying the penalty was a sufficient deterrent. The deterrent is approximately the food allowance each MP gets on sitting days.

Now for the future. The AFP has declared the law is the law and Mr Dutton has declared nobody is above the law, but that seems to be for everyone except politicians.
Two high profile MPs signed false declarations on their nomination for election forms and the new qualifications check lists. The AFP have refused to look at those commonwealth crimes.
The Australian Electoral Commission doesn't have the authority in their legislation to prosecute anyone for anything, but in a press release related to another One Nation S44 problem, Mr Culleton, they asked “for compelling evidence that other candidates in the 2019 federal election may have also signed a false declaration we will consider whether similar referrals to the AFP are warranted to ascertain if the candidate has committed an offence.”
I wrote to Mr Tom Rogers, Chair of the AEC, pointing out two who had signed false declarations and his response was the matters were dealt with in last parliament. It wasn’t the last parliament I was writing about it was signing false declarations to nominate for the 2019 election.
Mr Dutton has an indirect pecuniary interest in the family trust his wife and children benefit from and that trust runs two companies that get Commonwealth funding.
Mr Frydenberg said his mother stopped being an Hungarian citizen in1948 when Australian Department of Immigration documents form 1951 show she was Hungarian then. A little lie but still not the truth. Hopefully these two MPs will be taken to the Court of Disputed Returns and the AFP will determine that the law really is the law and prosecute them for signing false declarations to nominate for election.

Earlier I apologised for typing like I talk, it seems I have taken no notice of that apology. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my journey through some bits of the constitution and our laws.